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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Sons Hands

Another blog post, but today its not about a project, a class, just a post about an amazing little man in my life. I have been blessed with two beautiful children, who I always ask myself "how did I get so blessed"? I am beyond proud of my 18 year old daughter who has fought a diabetes diagnosis in her senior year of high school, and is now off on her own in Santa Barbara having the time of her life in college.
This little man Tony keeps me grounded, sane and fills me with amazement every single day. I love to share my art with him and he just is so uninhibited, free-thinking and just has so much fun. Everyone got a plain white bag in the classroom to decorate for the delivery of their Valentines, and this is what he made. You can't see, but there are two hearts centered hanging off the sides of the bag. He chose to balance out the hearts, center the stickers and just made it beautiful.

When he got home yesterday he went and took out his "box" of stamps and stamp pads. I always give him my old ones, and he loves to pick out new ones. He just takes my direction on how to make a good impression on the stamp, and takes it and does it. He made me a stamped collage piece that I love! I then noticed his hands. The sign of an artist. Full of ink, colors and just full of creativity! I always say I have "happy" hands when they look like this. Now that I am working with the WOW Embossing Powders, he has started a love of embossing. Nikki Sher and I showed him the proper way to do it and whalla.. he wanted to do it all day! I love being able to be this mom, that lets him try almost any tool, technique or use anything in my stash or purchase a new item to try out. I always try to teach him to experiment, and just have fun and that there is no wrong. I do try to teach him the right "technique", but then just let him go! I treasure his art and am amazed by him. So, today I just wanted to dedicate a post to his beautiful ARTSY hands... I hope you can get some inspiration for yourself and for someone else you love!

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