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My name is Daniela Costa and I am a Scrapbook Designer and Educator. I am currently a Design Team member for Authentique Paper, Alpha Stamps and Lynda Kanase Designs. I do guest spots and special events for lots of fun companies! I provide Scrapbooking and Mixed Media classes in the Northern California Bay Area. I do commission and private classes as well. Just contact me

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Snarky Art Coins with Alpha Stamps!

I'm so excited to share with you one of the most fun I've had with a kit!  Alpha Stamps is soooo generous and good to me!  
Have you wanted to try Art Coins but didn't know where to start?  The May Kit will give you enough product to get you completely addicted!  I made so many things... Lets start with project 1...
Project #1 - "Marie is Drunk"  Art Coins - and Simple Pockets Album

           I am a lover of anything Marie Antoinette themed, so this was a really fun month for me.  I love snarky comments as well, so put this all together and you have Marie is Drunk... Art Coins.  You know its a great kit when the word collage sheet is called "Bitchy Words".  I think I've used almost all of the sheet, I love it so much.. I need to order more!  "Be a sweetie and fix Mommy another Martini" and "I'm the person your mother warned you about".  Making the Art coins is so much fun.  Find beautiful background paper and cover your coins.  Sand all your edges, then either ink them or use wet glue and glitter.  Cut out collage images, and flowers, etc, decorating each coin.  Find snarky comment you love, cut, ink and adhere to coins!  The coins are in the 4" Simple Pockets, and I've used some beautiful Blue Fern Paper from the site.  A complete supply list for this project can be found HERE. Isn't the Alpha Stamps team AWESOME??? You have a complete list to purchase everything!  WEEHOO!

Project 2 - "Marie's BFF Gift" Snarky Coins - 
I absolutely LOVE this saying.. I would love a T Shirt just like this! For this little project I've used the 4.5" Simple Folder along with various collage sheets, beautiful dresden and flower dresden to make this little lovely gift.  You can find the supply list HERE. These are just so much fun to make...  

3rd Project Coaster Art Coin with Marie

For this project I've used 4.5 Inch Dimensional Coaster Folder.  You can find the complete supply list HERE.  I loved making this one.  I've made my own little cabachon with an image from the collage sheet and placed it on the end of my ribbon and used it to wrap my little folder together.  Cutting out these big dresden flowers for my cover makes it pop!  I've also painted a little frame kit you can get on the site.  Super cute right!?

I can't wait to show you even more of what I made with all the supplies they sent me this month.  I'm saving some for later!  I hope you've enjoyed my take on the Art Coins!  Lets get together and make some soon.  

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Lynda Kanase Flower Basket

Hello Friends!  Welcome to my Flower Basket Card for the Lynda Kanase Design Team post for Mothers Day!  I wanted to use a beautiful floral line that I could give either my Mom or my Mother in Law.  I had this beautiful paper from Graphic 45 that fit the bill perfectly!  This die is so much fun to put together.  Its super simple and there are tons of ways you could put this together as shown by my other design team mates!  The way I like to work with dies like this is, put together the base and set aside.  Run all of your bits and pieces you might have in the collection and have a good handful of each of the pieces in different patterned papers.  

Then sit on down with your inking tool, a little foam and wet adhesive and put together all your flower clusters.  Attach stems to each of them. The just randomly start placing each of your individual stems and before you  know it you have a masterpiece!  To finish it off I added a tiny bling onto each of the middle of the flowers.  Using pop foam in between layers of the flowers also adds that special pop to the project!  You can find the die HERE and its even on sale!

Happy Mothers Day, and don't forget to go visit each of my fellow DT members to see their incredibly creative designs! 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Alpha Stamps May Kit is LIVE!

Wow, I'm already having so much fun playing with all the goodies in the MAY Alpha Stamps Kit.  You can get it HERE!   This is just a sneaky peek of what I'm making... can't wait to share it all!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Spring Things Tags for Lynda Kanase Designs

I am soooo excited to announce I am now on the Lynda Kanase Design Team!  This is a fabulous group of women that I can't wait to share inspiration with.  Please follow us along showing off our own unique take on Spring Things!

Amanda Stevens

For these darling tags, I've used the Authentique Paper "Dreamy" It's so perfect for anything springy! 
Using the Spring Things die I just cut out all the dies in about 4 different patterned paper.  I then just started assembling little fun bundles of cute goodness.  There are so many little elements and they layer all together just beautifully.   Lynda has a way of designing, thinking of multiple uses and themes.  I've also chosen to use her Spring Phrases for each tag.  


I hope you've enjoyed my take on Spring Things!  Follow along and see what my other teammates have in store for you! 
Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Authentique Paper "Ingredient" Recipe Notebook Folio

Hello Friends, Daniela here, sharing with you a Recipe Folio Notebook.  I've used the adorable Ingredient line which is a little vintage, a little kitch, and oh so colorful and just makes me happy.  I followed along a video by Country Craft Creations Tamra Kilgore -Merrill.  I used her tutorial video to get the base down and then ran with my imagination on it.  This was a ton of fun to put together.  I can't wait to make more!

With this folio, I really just ran with it and added a few things that I wanted.  I added an envelope on the front that features a magnet closure to hold my business cards (or anything I need quickly).  Using cutouts and stickers from the Ingredient collection, so stinkin' cute!  

This is the first flap opening, it features a post it note holder, and I've printed off this darling Meal Planner List from Live Laugh Rowe.  I sized it down so I could fit 2 to a printable page and used a binder clip to place them on.  How cute are these stickers from the collection!? I love the vibrant colors.  My favorite paper in the line is the Chicken/Egg paper.  I love it...
Below is a close up of the post-it note holder I added to my notebook.

The little noteholders are super easy to make and there are a ton of free tutorials on Pinterest.  

Here is a full photo of the pages all the way opened up. On the far left I've added a little slide pocket on the edge.  I've made little Recipe Cards that have the Recipe on one side and a place for a photo on the back.  The middle of the Notebook is a large pocket.  I've just tucked one of my menu planners in there for now, but recipes from magazines, etc. can be put here.

Lastly, the page that holds your standard notepad, with another Recipe Card attached.

Another view of the entire Notebook Folio open.

I had seen this video on Facebook and had it in the back of my mind that I really wanted to make one!  I made sure I had all my supplies on hand to make just the base of the project.  Decorating came later at my own pace, also adding additional elements I wanted for my notebook.  Tamra's video's are fantastic, she does the weekly videos for Authentique every week, along with her own for her shop.  Go give her a visit!  Thanks so much for the inspiration Tamra, and I can't WAIT to make these in every theme out there.

Have a great week friends, 

Daniela Costa 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Alpha Stamps April Kit - Alice's Dream - OMG!

This was SO MUCH FUN to make! The Alice Kit this month is AMAZING!  I've added all kinds of fun items from the shop to the April Kit.  Let's start with these FANTASTIC large chipboard playing cards; These come in two pieces, your background, and the top.  I've covered the backgrounds with the darling papers that come in your kit this month, then picked out different images from my Alice Collage sheets (You'll find my complete list of supplies at the end of my post).  Before assembling my playing cards, I used red and black paint I had in my stash.

There are so many little bits and pieces in here... There are Tiny Alice Chipboard Props (find in the store!), I've used many of them in my project.  See if you can find them all, lol!  I spy a chair, a chess piece, hanging heart cards, teapot and teacups.  I've also used one of the Altoid Tin frames of Alice that has the Cheshire Cat on it.  I didn't use it the correct orientation, so I just cut it out of the frame.  I've just used some paints in my stash to color them.

Another fun little side project, is the Faux Book Box Tiny Card Size, with the Mini Card deck.  The Chipboard box needs to be assembled, and I added some paper for the binding, and cut out a mini book cover from one of the collage sheets and finished up the box.  I made it look like the cards were coming from the back of the little box.  I stashed the rest of the cards on the inside.  I found one of the card footmen on a collage sheet and added him to the side.  I really like this little element.

If you notice a little glass bottle on the bottom left of the project;  The shop has these clay sticks of different shapes that you can customize for your project.  I just used my xacto knife and made little slices... they are ADORABLE!  I hadn't even seen this before, so it was so much fun and easy to add this darling element to my project.  I cut up the clay pieces and added them to a 1 1/2' glass bottle.  Then, I took the Medium Bronze White Rabbit Charm and tied it around the bottle with some twine.

I think every Alice project needs to have moss somewhere on it.  I've scattered some moss here and there to give it that forest look! For the "floor" of the project, I took a 6x6 piece of chipboard I had in my stash and covered it with this fantastic paper that is in the April kit.

I hope you've enjoyed following me along on "Alice's Dream".  Please pick up this kit at Alpha Stamps and here is a link to my additional supply list from the website!  THANK YOU! 

April Kit Contents! 



Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Perfectly Poised Portfolio

Have you jumped on the "folio" craze yet?  I think I'm super late to the party, but I wanted to start on my own, play with them, then finally design my own.  Here is my first public folio!  I've used bits and pieces of various videos I've been watching online, and used the gorgeous POISED collection!

It's a huge folio with so many flips, flaps, pockets and photo mats... I just had to make a walkthrough video.

I absolutely love this collection! It's uplifting, it's inspiring and its got the best images!

The Folio album measures about 7x9.  I've put a hole in the spine to add the elastic to keep it all closed.  But wow, this puppy is large!

These albums are a process and you need to be able to dedicate an entire day to making it, but they are really worth it when you're done.  I really would love to add photos and journaling of my mother and grandmother in here.  

There are so many photo mats and little hidden pockets, so much fun to put together and decorate.

The sayings in this collection are amazing "Beauty is power, a Smile is its Sword".. Just beautiful and perfect.

Another great saying from this collection!

"There is beauty in everything". I love this one! 

I had such a blast putting this huge Folio Album together using the Poised Collection.  I hope you'll take a day, follow along a tutorial on how to make one and GO FOR IT!  It takes patience and time, but you'll enjoy the process.
Have a great day everyone,