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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow, my life is a CHANGING!

I got the news today, that I am being offered a job tomorrow. I am so excited and scared, nervous, worried and just a bit sad as well. Before I did this (scrapbooking) I was a career woman, climbed the corporate ladder and was a suit wearing Financial Consultant/Actuary. I was very fortunate that when I married Aaron, we planned on me being a stay at home mom. What a fantastic blessing that was. I too at that time was scared, nervous, and didn't know "how" to be a SAHM. I found scrapbooking during that time and it saved me in so many ways. It brought out a side of me I didn't know existed. My mother is a very talented artist, but I never took that path in my life. She introduced me to scrapbooking and those of you who know my mom, know that she is a huge supporter of me, loves all my scrapbooking friends and students and comes to as many classes of mine as she can. Well, here it is, 5 years later, and Bianca is graduating from high school, moving to Santa Barbara for college and Tony is in school as well. College is so much more expensive than you can imagine and I want to give Bianca the possibilities to live out her dreams, so I am going back to work to help her have the experience of going away to school, being part of something big! Anyway, looking for the job was difficult enough. This job I am being offered received over 700, yes 700 resumes. They chose ME??? Someone who has been out of the business for 5 years... I am very honored and blessed that this has come to me. Please don't worry, I hope my scrapbooking hobby/career won't change. I'm keeping everything the same, teaching, blogging, creating.. I am poised and ready to do this! My position is to be the partner of the top Life Insurance/Wealth Management Producers at Northwestern Mutual. I will be working almost full time. I have a packed next couple of months, so I'll be crazy busy, but I am ready for this. The time has come to do more for me. I have updated the left sidebar with more classes and a huge event for National Scrapbook Day! I hope you can find time to come see me soon! Also, I have been adding so many new beautiful things to the website! Wait till you see the "fractured dolls" from Tim Holtz.. the tissue tape dispenser from Tim Holtz.. he is a genius!
Much love and more scrapbooking stuff next time..

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  1. Awesome...congratulations...I am looking so forward to hearing all about your new adventure as it unfolds....congratulations!!