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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow, Snow, Friends, and Daughters

I have had a fantastic 4 day weekend. It started out going up to my sisters family cabin in Arnold. It is a beautiful little town! I loved it. The cabin is gorgeous and the snow was out of control! It took us forever to just get up the little mountain to the cabin and the snow was so high we couldn't open the passenger doors... we laughed uncontrollably, and just went with the adventure! We had two sleeping little boys, who had no idea that we were trying to "dig" into the cabin! I am not sure how much snow we got that night, but here is a pic of the "beast" (our Yukon's name) in the morning. We woke up to no power, pouring snow and the boys LOVED it! First snow ball fight and I got some good pics. Tony took his first skiing lesson which he loved at first, but as a 5 year old it looked like the little brother from Christmas Story, "I can't put my arms down"... lots of laughing playing and family time. I cherished every moment there.

They were staying all weekend, but I came back early to help my buddy, Donna Downey teach at Scrapbook Territory. Can I tell you that Donna is one of the most down to earth, tell it like it is wonderful woman? I have hung out with her before, but we got to have a great long dinner with steak and wine last night, and we all just felt like old friends, that were hanging out. She is genuine, loyal, not to mention so artistic and inspiring. We talked alot about the business, and how we love the relationships we build through teaching. That when you touch someone and connect through our art, everything is worth it. That is why I do what I do. I create for me, but then I share to inspire others that they can do whatever they dream. I am going to start to focus more on this in later posts!

Lastly, I missed greatly my little Bianca who was off with friends to look at colleges in Santa Barbara. I was scared to death to let her go, had a little crying fit after she left and have barely slept while she was gone, but she is driving back today, and LOVED it! She and her friends really want to go there. I already mapquested it and its 322 miles away. I can get there (nascar style) in 4 hours. I think I can handle her being there. We'll have to plan a weekend together there and seriously take a look. How as a parent do you let your child go? I can't imagine life without her here in this house every day with her laughter, loud music and moody times too! I am so blessed to have my little ray of sunshine Tony to help me.

Today I am grateful, happy, emotional and getting ready to have some quiet artistic time. I hope you found some time this weekend to do the same!

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