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My name is Daniela Costa and I am a Scrapbook Designer and Educator. I am currently a Design Team member for Authentique Paper, Alpha Stamps and Lynda Kanase Designs. I do guest spots and special events for lots of fun companies! I provide Scrapbooking and Mixed Media classes in the Northern California Bay Area. I do commission and private classes as well. Just contact me

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Woweee My Poor Neglected Blog

Now that I look at my blog, I miss it.. I really LOVE the look and design of my blog and its pretty, and I like to look at it. A funny thing though about blogs... its hard to keep them up! With the way today's technology is going so fast, Facebook, Tweeting (which I just can't do), emailing and everything else, the poor ole blog gets neglected. I even made a new years resolution to start it up again and post once a week. I am really going to try to do that. I am going to put an alarm in my new IPhone I got for Christmas and keep in touch. I want to share my life, my art, and my projects with everyone, but life does get in the way. Over the holidays, I was overwhelmed with family, friends and just life in general and am still trying to find my way back to being organized and sharing.. sharing.. things that are meaningful, things that might make you think a little bit more about something you didn't think of. I don't know.. maybe my blog will be just useless blabber about things.. lol!
Tony came to me this past weekend and wants to make his own scrapbook. Makes a momma proud when her boy says that... we go shopping, get the supplies, then every five minutes.. when are we scrapbooking mommmy? "As soon as I finish getting the laundry moved"... then "as soon as I get dinner going"... I felt so bad.. finally when we did sit down together, we had a fantastic time, and he loved it.. the first thing he said to me today was "when are we going to do our doggie pages mommy?"... "well honey, you have to go to school, I have to do some work and we need to run errands..".. so for now.. I leave you to go play with Tony and scrapbook his doggie pages.. I will share his cover of his book tonight and promise to keep this up and share more... with all my love to my friends....

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