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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to bling a Maya Road Birdie By Tony Costa

Today is one of those days that will go in the memory banks as a wonderful morning. I have this round table with great light in the family room corner that I use as a "project" table instead of our "breakfast nook" (thanks hubby, I love you!) This morning, I was finishing a mini album and Tony loves to come up on the tall chairs and ask if he can "help" with my project. I had finished the painting of the super cute Maya Road Chipboard birds and Tony (like me) LOVES stickles! So, I asked if he would demonstrate the "blinging" of the birds with pictures so I can show you! So, here in sequence is Tony putting the stickles on his fingers and rubbing it on the birds, then our finished product. He was so proud!


  1. our up and coming friday night crop buddy in action!! sweet!

  2. OMG...what a terrific memory! Blinging with your child...and a son not a daughter but a son---I am so jealous but you are definitely blessed!

  3. He is the up and coming Tim. Maybe T can be Tim's apprentice.