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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Madness!

Wow, I worked so hard this weekend, and became overwhelmed in "stuff". First we took Tony for his final private lesson and evaluation at Richard Lee's Kung Fu Academy and it was GREAT! The instructors are fantastic and I was amazed at how much Tony had learned in only a few lessons and his focus and determination almost had me in tears I was so proud! He has been accepted and will receive his official uniform today! I am very excited for this new chapter in his life! I then started to try to get through the boxes and boxes of Scrapbooking and Artist supply stuff and quickly became overwhelmed. I didn't realize how much it had taken over our garage! I became upset and had to walk away. Sunday was a different story! I am a morning person and do my best "cleaning" type work first thing, so off I went to tackle the boxes. I am proud to say I made a great dent in it and have so much to offer everyone! I took 5 at a time shoe sized boxes, lined them on the floor and started filling them up with all the "extra's" and goodies I had in each random box or bag. I am selling them at $5 a pop and they are worth so much more, I can imagine how fun it would be to get one and go through the goodies! I know you'll love them and I hope you can come on down to see it all. I have at least 20 $5 boxes, and I even have bigger ones for $10. It will give me great pleasure to part with it, and it will make me happy to make other happy with product! It will also be a regular garage sale, with all my purses, shoes and clothes, but don't forget the vintage display items as well. Lots of fun things to make you smile.
My special will be for the website: If you make an online purchase of newer product on the website by Thursday September 22nd 9pm, and plan to come on Saturday to pick it up, I'll take 25% off your bill and I'll have a special goodie bag just for you! Just put in the discount code "GARAGE SALE" and your discount will apply. If you don't live close, I'll honor the discount if you'd like it shipped as well. Just put "ship" in the comments section!

I hope to see some of you there on Saturday, We are all very excited about it!

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  1. Good for you...that is great and I am sure will be rewarding to get this sale going. See you on Saturday...