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My name is Daniela Costa and I am a Scrapbook Designer and Educator. I am currently a Design Team member for Authentique Paper. I do guest spots and special events for lots of fun companies! I provide Scrapbooking and Mixed Media classes in the Northern California Bay Area. I do commission and private classes as well. Just contact me

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I can't believe how long its been

I promise never to go so long from blogging again. I became a facebook junkie and have been posting so much there, that I leave this little one behind. It's been one of those months that you wonder how you made it through everything. Spending a few weeks not teaching to get ready for Inspired in North Carolina, which was AMAZING took so much out of me. I was nervous, felt like I couldn't make it, and wondered what I was getting myself into. We then got the unfortunate news that Bianca has Diabetes. This came out of nowhere. We went in for a minor 20 minute appointment and she was admitted within 2 hours. I can't tell you how I feel yet, cause it hasn't sunk in yet. I can tell you that Bianca is one of the strongest people I have ever known. She has taken this news better than I ever expected and transitioning into a completely new life without complaining, or anything. Being away at Inspired gave me a new perspective and made me feel great! I was so happy to be a part of this fantastic event. I made some fantastic friends and hope to be invited back to it next year. I need to say that I couldn't have made it without my buddy Nancie. She kept me sane, helped me get through everything and I can't express my gratitude enough.

Some announcements, classes at Scrapbook Territory on June 19th - See sidebar and I am hosting a 10 hour crop on Saturday May 29th at Scrapbook Territory, with two mini classes and kinds of goodies.. I hope to see many of my bay area friends at one of these functions.. look for more soon!


  1. Hey Daniela,

    Jenni B came back with some goodies from you and your shop (?) She got me the teal and brown ring! LOVE it!!!! My daughter wore it today. I said, hey that is mine!

    Jenni Bowlin Studio

  2. Everything that you had at Inspired was wonderful, my daughter Olivia and I had a great time with your class you were wonderful.

    Karin Hall

  3. You did it!!!! And... My prayers to you and Bianca. Love and Big Hugs, Velma