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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Snarky Art Coins with Alpha Stamps!

I'm so excited to share with you one of the most fun I've had with a kit!  Alpha Stamps is soooo generous and good to me!  
Have you wanted to try Art Coins but didn't know where to start?  The May Kit will give you enough product to get you completely addicted!  I made so many things... Lets start with project 1...
Project #1 - "Marie is Drunk"  Art Coins - and Simple Pockets Album

           I am a lover of anything Marie Antoinette themed, so this was a really fun month for me.  I love snarky comments as well, so put this all together and you have Marie is Drunk... Art Coins.  You know its a great kit when the word collage sheet is called "Bitchy Words".  I think I've used almost all of the sheet, I love it so much.. I need to order more!  "Be a sweetie and fix Mommy another Martini" and "I'm the person your mother warned you about".  Making the Art coins is so much fun.  Find beautiful background paper and cover your coins.  Sand all your edges, then either ink them or use wet glue and glitter.  Cut out collage images, and flowers, etc, decorating each coin.  Find snarky comment you love, cut, ink and adhere to coins!  The coins are in the 4" Simple Pockets, and I've used some beautiful Blue Fern Paper from the site.  A complete supply list for this project can be found HERE. Isn't the Alpha Stamps team AWESOME??? You have a complete list to purchase everything!  WEEHOO!

Project 2 - "Marie's BFF Gift" Snarky Coins - 
I absolutely LOVE this saying.. I would love a T Shirt just like this! For this little project I've used the 4.5" Simple Folder along with various collage sheets, beautiful dresden and flower dresden to make this little lovely gift.  You can find the supply list HERE. These are just so much fun to make...  

3rd Project Coaster Art Coin with Marie

For this project I've used 4.5 Inch Dimensional Coaster Folder.  You can find the complete supply list HERE.  I loved making this one.  I've made my own little cabachon with an image from the collage sheet and placed it on the end of my ribbon and used it to wrap my little folder together.  Cutting out these big dresden flowers for my cover makes it pop!  I've also painted a little frame kit you can get on the site.  Super cute right!?

I can't wait to show you even more of what I made with all the supplies they sent me this month.  I'm saving some for later!  I hope you've enjoyed my take on the Art Coins!  Lets get together and make some soon.  

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